It’s 1915. Social change, economic crises and political instability are about to sweep the world. It is a time that demands a great deal of intuition and perseverance from anyone who’s trying to build something larger than life. Singapore is about to grow into one of the most important ports in the world.

A surge in shipping traffic, faster steamships and reduced transportation costs are leading to a boom in trade. It is time for a unique new vision and one man seems to have divined it. His name is Rajabali Jumabhoy.

Jumabhoy has vision, he has foresight, but most importantly he is restless. Restless to build, eager to innovate: but with integrity and thoughtfulness.

Crossing international waters and risking uncertainty, he seeks a bright future for himself, but doesn’t realize that he’s about to build not just his own, but a part of Singapore’s future as well.

In 1979, the family founds Scotts Holdings. The pioneering spirit and the sense of restlessness continues. A series of firsts in the hospitality and retail businesses follows. The first service apartment - Ascott Executive Residences. The first centrally managed mall Scotts Shopping Centre. The first air-conditioned food court Picnic. Scotts goes on to become synonymous with spirit of “Looking Ahead”.

Today, Scotts has imprinted this spirit in retail, property, finance, lifestyle and sport. Now, a hundred years later, it’s easy to realize that Scotts is not just a company, it’s a legacy. There is a sense of harmony between the Scotts history and the endless potential that lies ahead, we can at once see its deep and important history and its bright and infinite future across several industries it has played a role in.