Geography has always been a part of Scotts’ history. A legacy that has travelled a 100 years across various continents, built life-long partnerships and scaled unique businesses. From setting foot in Singapore and expanding its footprint in Asia and Europe, the Scotts story of creating several ‘firsts’ remains a part of its ongoing heritage.

Along this journey, Scotts has built relationships that have endured. Partnerships with financial institutions, technology innovators and research organisations continue to bring value to the businesses that it operates.

When the world is your market, your team must think global. Scotts brings together a collective amalgamation of the world’s cultures to make for a seamless, connected and futuristic workplace.

The ‘Nows’ that we all know today were first built by innovators who saw the future and made it our present. In a tribute to this spirit, every individual at Scotts remains true to the historic pursuit of “Making Tomorrow A Part of Today”.