The sport of Polo is played by men and women who possess a zest for adventure, a need for challenge, a spirit of teamwork and zeal to play and work hard. These characteristics mirror those of Scotts.

Scotts has set the trajectory for taking a personal passion and interlacing its best parts into a business culture. This accounted for another first in the industry in South East Asia, with the setting up of its saddlery business, Connoisseurs, in the 1960’s. It started to supply the family and a select local clientele, earning Scotts an unmistakable legacy in the equestrian business. Today Scotts has assisted entrepreneurs regionally in seeding equestrian businesses to the benefit of a wider and growing community of enthusiasts. This led to the formation of the La Sarita Polo team, a mainstay in the SouthEast Asian Polo circuit and a strong player on the international polo stage.

As in Polo, where the height for the ball to go through the goal is infinite, so does the Scotts vision for the sport remain unbounded. Bringing the thrill, professionalism, competitiveness and action of Polo to a wide untapped Asian audience is where Scotts sees yet again, a transformation waiting to happen.

Investing in the continuous development of the sport remains a commitment at Scotts. The passion for Polo and the focus of competition are its continuing legacy