Real Estate



Scotts brought new ideas, high quality standards, solid management, transparency of process and the importance of detail to the real estate business. In the early 80s as Singapore was making its mark as Asia’s hub, with visitors and professionals flowing into the metropolis, Scotts Holdings recognised the future potential for quality transient housing and set out to create Singapore’s first serviced apartments – The Ascott Executive Residences. The foundations were laid for the brand to grow into the world’s leading international serviced residences. The time was right for centrally managed shopping environments, allowing management flexibility in creating superior shopping experiences. Scotts Shopping Centre and the era of mall management took root and is the preferred model of leading malls in Singapore today.

Prior to the advent of food courts, street food in Singapore was synonymous to outdoor venues such as hawker centres or coffee shops. Whilst the food was well priced and gratifying, hot and humid tropical conditions did not make for a very comfortable dining experience. In 1985, the first food court, Picnic Food Court, was created by Scotts and came to be the market leader for affordable hawker fare in a comfortable, air-conditioned environment and is today the industry standard.

The Scotts Group continues to transfer this spirit of setting new standards, through insight and professionalism to India with its stake in Raffles Park, a villa development in Bangalore. Once again, Scotts adds value to lifestyle through its approach to quality, design and implementation. Bridging cultural nuances with a modern lifestyle has been central to Scotts and a distinguishing feature in the spaces it creates.