Scotts Introduced the first private sector Goods and Services Tax Refund business for tourists shopping in Singapore and with Global Blue transformed it from a small scaled industry to an operation in over 40 countries across Asia and Europe. Scotts continues to apply its industry knowledge by partnering Premier Tax Free, part of The Fintrax Group.

Pioneering digitised electronic payment transactions led to the growth of FCC, a dynamic currency conversion service in providing a transparent process that would enable a tourist using credit cards to pay in their home currency when travelling abroad.

Today, as the payment industry continues to undergo an unprecedented revolution spurred by technology, Scotts, recognises the need for a clear responsive strategy to meet the changing habits of consumers and the creation products where ease-of-use is front and centre. Investing in businesses with potentially big ideas to meet future social trends is central to the Scotts commitment.

Scotts has a strategic stake in UTU, an app that brings the world of multiple rewards, points and loyalty into one single interface, thus transferring a wallet full of loyalty cards into the shopper’s smart-phone, providing connectivity, choice and convenience.